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Title File Size
Lute Suite in G minor BWV995 lute1.zip 14.2 21:28
Lute Suite in E minor BWV996 lute2.zip 12.6 14:16
Lute Suite in C minor BWV997 lute3.zip 12.3 15:49
Prelude, Fugue and Allegro in Eb Major BWV998 lute4.zip 8.4 9:32
Prelude in C Minor BWV999 lute5.zip 2.3 1:28
Fugue in G Minor BWV1000 lute6.zip 5.2 5:16
Sonata for violin solo No.1 G Minor BWV1001 vs1.zip 9.0 15:00
Partita for violin solo No.1 H Minor BWV1002 vs2.zip 11.8 27:14
Sonata for violin solo No.2 A Minor BWV1003 vs3.zip 12.0 21:05
Partita for violin solo No.2 D Minor BWV1004 vs4.zip 14.9 28:09
Sonata for violin solo No.3 C Major BWV1005 vs5.zip 11.0 22:06
Partita for violin solo No.3 E Major BWV1006 vs6.zip 8.5 17:59
Lute Suite in E Major BWV1006a lute7.zip 14.4 18:14
Suiten for Violoncello solo No.1 G Major BWV1007 vss1.zip 10.0 16:50
Suiten for Violoncello solo No.2 d Minor BWV1008 vss2.zip 11.3 18:03
Suiten for Violoncello solo No.3 C Major BWV1009 vss3.zip 12.4 22:11
Suiten for Violoncello solo No.4 Eb Major BWV1010 vss4.zip 11.4 23:31
Suiten for Violoncello solo No.5 c Minor BWV1011 vss5.zip 12.9 20:50
Suiten for Violoncello solo No.6 D Major BWV1012 vss6.zip 13.8 25:25
Sonata for flute solo A Minor BWV1013 fs8.zip 8.2 11:42
Violin Sonata No.1 in h Minor BWV1014 vhs1.zip 12.8 11:23
Violin Sonata No.2 in A Major BWV1015 vhs2.zip 12.6 13:01
Violin Sonata No.3 in E Major BWV1016 vhs3.zip 15.5 14:17
Violin Sonata No.4 in c Minor BWV1017 vhs4.zip 14.1 15:48
Violin Sonata No.5 in h Minor BWV1018 vhs5.zip 14.5 15:14
Violin Sonata No.6 in G Major BWV1019
Contains earlier version
vhs6.zip 27.6 28:52
Violin Sonata in G Minor BWV1020
Contains Flute Sonata version
vhsgm1.zip 27.6 10:51
Sonata for flute and cembalo G Minor BWV1020 fs7.zip 12.6 10:47
Violin Sonata in G Major BWV1021 vhsg1.zip 11.5 6:01
Violin Sonata in F Major BWV1022 vhsg1.zip 10.6 8:13
Violin Sonata in E Minor BWV1023 vhsem1.zip 13.5 12:26
Violin Sonata in C Minor BWV1024 vhscm1.zip 15.8 10:41
Violin Sonata in A Major BWV1025 vhsa1.zip 23.9 33:57
Fugue in D Minor BWV1026 vhsdm1.zip 8.1 4:49
Viola da Gamba Sonata No.1 in G Major BWV1027 vgs1.zip 13.0 11:54
Viola da Gamba Sonata No.2 in D Major BWV1028 vgs2.zip 13.8 12:34
Viola da Gamba Sonata No.3 in G Minor BWV1029 vgs3.zip 14.6 12:58
Sonata for flute and cembalo H Minor BWV1030 fs1.zip 17:2 17:24
Sonata for flute and cembalo Ef Major BWV1031 fs2.zip 8.3 10:57
Sonata for flute and cembalo A Major BWV1032 fs3.zip 8.3 6:50
Sonata for flute and continuo C Major BWV1033 fs4.zip 8.5 8:36
Sonata for flute and continuo E Minor BWV1034 fs5.zip 16.8 13:32
Sonata for flute and continuo E Major BWV1035 fs6.zip 12.4 12:34
Trio Sonata D Minor BWV1036 tss07.zip 10.5 8:59
Trio Sonata C Major BWV1037 tss08.zip 11.4 13:27
Trio Sonata G Major BWV1038 tss09.zip 9.4 6:31
Trio Sonata G Major BWV1039 tss10.zip 12.2 12:02
Trio Sonata F Major BWV1040 tss11.zip 3.0 2:11
Musical offering BWV1079 mo.zip 47.3 48:13

Classic MIDI by Suzuchan.